Unconventional PR

There are many ways to tell a story and get attention visually. See examples of our work here


Sundholmskvarteret 2012

The municipality of Copenhagen asked Firmaet to help them make publicity to promote their urban renewal in the area Sundholmskvarteret. We developed graphic identity with poetic visuals describing the forthcoming renewals.

The carpets incorporates local attractions such as burgers from the local Grill Bar or elderly with rollators from the nursing home. Painting the carpets gave us a lot of attention and the opportunity to explain about the forthcoming city renewal.

Flags is the most festive way to celebrate and mark important happenings. We decorated them with a palette of bright colours and abstract motives of the new elements soon to come. As you move around in the Sundholms area and recognizes the flags you get a sense that something special is happening in this area.